Welcome to CharterHacks!

If you are a bored middle schooler or high schooler this summer who wants to help our medical community, CharterHacks is the right hackathon for you!

CharterHacks is an engaging hackathon with a multitude of events and workshops for students to learn and play. Get a chance to learn machine learning and even participate in our fun chess tournament! Win and you'll be given loads of amazing prizes!


Our prizes will include:

  • Repl.it Premium Memberships (3 months for everyone who submits, with extra months for the winners!)
  • AOPS Coupons
  • Bugsee Credits
  • And more!


Age: Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers allowed

Location: Discord - https://discord.gg/nnsm9hr

Team Size: 4 student maximum, 1 student minimum


 Your submission requires a video presentation adhering to our rubric (found above) and answering the following questions :

  • What is the purpose of your app and how does it address the prompt?
  • Who is the audience of your app and who will be using it?
  • What challenges did you overcome in making your project?

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$6,690 in prizes

1st place team

1st place team
$500 DigitalOcean credits, Clerky Company Lifetime Package, and Repl.it 1 year premium

For Clerky:
- Must wait until 18 years old to claim
- Expedited filing fees for incorporation
- First-year registered agent fee
- Annual report and franchise tax reminders

2nd place team

$500 DigitalOcean credits, Repl.it 6-month Premium, and 1Password 6 month free membership

Best Game Award

$25 AOPS Coupons for each team member

3rd place team

$500 DigitalOcean credits, iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit, Mahi Driver Kit, & Pro Tech Toolkit

Best App Award

$1000 Bugsee Credits

Best AR/VR App made with EchoAR Award

$50 Amazon Gift Card, feature on EchoAR Newsletter, and EchoAR Business Tier

Best Website

$500 Digital Ocean Credits

Honorable Mention

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Nathan Zhao

Nathan Zhao

Andrew Zhao

Andrew Zhao

Atharva Shanbhag

Atharva Shanbhag

Jinay Jain

Jinay Jain

Neel Sortur

Neel Sortur

Jared Saquing

Jared Saquing

James Skripchuk

James Skripchuk

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Does the product introduce a new approach or perspective, technical, analytical, or visual?
  • Fit
    Does the product address the prompt?
  • Functionality
    Does the product function as intended? Is it robust and easy to interact with?
  • Design
    Is the product aesthetically pleasing? Does the design of the product elevate its message?
  • Extensibility
    Can the product be easily expanded in the future?
  • Rubric Link

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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